Native Red Back Ginger

Alpinia Caerulea Red Back

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Alpinia Caerulea Red Back - Native Red Back Ginger - Noosa Landscaping Services

Native Red Back Ginger Description

Alpinia caerulea red is a beautiful ginger, native to Australia, from the rainforest understories of Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

This ginger is a clumping upright plant with striking maroon/red-backed leaves.

The leaves are large and shiny, and has a nice bushy habit.

Native Red Back Ginger Maintenance

Mulch and water regularly until the plant is established, usually around 12 weeks.

Water regularly during dry periods.

Prune stems to the ground if plants become untidy, new shoots will replace those removed.

Fertilise regularly using an organic liquid fertiliser for lush new growth.

Native Red Back Ginger Alternative Names

Red back Ginger.