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Expanding Leisure: Deck and Pool Enhancements

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Expand your Sunshine Beach deck for ultimate leisure while ensuring privacy. Trust Earth Creation Landscapes for a welcoming garden that makes every moment special.

Maximising Deck Space for Leisure and Enjoyment

At Hill Street, Sunshine Beach, Earth Creation Landscapes embarked on an ambitious project to significantly increase the usable deck space around the client’s pool area.

This enhancement was not just about expanding space; it was about creating a luxurious platform for relaxation and social gatherings.

By carefully planning the movement of materials and employing precise construction techniques, we overcame the access challenges presented by the pool’s rear location.

Cultivating Privacy in a Cosy Setting

The client’s request for increased privacy in their outdoor oasis was crucial to our design.

We approached this by crafting custom solutions that included strategically placing screening elements without compromising the area’s aesthetic appeal.

Combining stonework, innovative landscaping, and carefully selected plantings resulted in an inviting space where guests can unwind in seclusion.

A Garden that Welcomes

Our team chose a blend of horticultural expertise and creative design to make the garden more inviting.

The introduction of pots and soft landscaping transformed the garden beds, infusing the small space with colour, texture, and life.

This approach made the garden a visual treat and a sensory experience that greets every visitor with natural beauty.

Skillful Execution in Construction

The pool’s unique shape demanded exceptional carpentry skills, and our team rose to the challenge.

The decking process involved meticulous cuts and additional framing work, showcasing our commitment to detail and quality.

Every plank was placed with consideration for longevity and aesthetics, ensuring the deck was stunning and structurally sound.

Maintaining Beauty and Functionality

An essential aspect of this project was installing a smart irrigation system that guarantees the garden’s vibrancy.

Our skilled team’s ongoing garden maintenance ensures the space continues to flourish and impress.

The project was a triumph in balancing the enhancement of the pool area with creating a welcoming garden that beckons guests to stay and enjoy.

Project Objectives

  • Enhance deck space around the pool for greater enjoyment.

  • Build privacy solutions to shield from neighbouring views.

  • Craft a more inviting garden atmosphere for guests.

  • Execute complex carpentry with precision.

  • Install an effective irrigation system for garden health.

  • Maintain the garden’s appeal with regular upkeep.

Project Details

  • Project Location: Sunshine Beach, Queensland
  • Project Cost: $50,000 - $100,000
  • Project Year: 2021

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