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A Harmonious Blend: Innovative Landscaping in Sunshine Beach

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Showcasing Noosa landscaping, this project combines a stunning pool, serene bird-watching spots, and spectacular views, blending seamlessly with the environment.

The client’s vision was clear: they wanted a pool, an expansive entertaining area, a place to admire birds, and a stunning view from above. To fulfill these desires, we enhanced the functionality of the outdoor space by carefully adding more usable flat ground, accommodating various activities while providing a serene escape.

In house landscape design process from the initial client meeting, fine tuning of the initial design, project management throughout the entire process, construction as per the plan and our garden maintenance division have maintained the property since its completion to ensure the clients vision is enhanced as time goes on.

Aesthetics played a vital role in our design. We created a visually stunning layout that seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, captivating viewers from the top balcony to ground level. Carefully chosen elements, focal points, and harmonious features were implemented to create this seamless integration.

During evening events, the landscape transforms into a spectacular ambiance with a customised lighting scheme that highlights key elements such as feature trees, tile details on the pool walls, and pathways, ensuring a memorable experience for guests.

To optimise the existing deck, we redesigned its layout, created large deck landing steps to double as informal seats whilst entertaining, and integration with other landscape elements, resulting in both aesthetic appeal and improved functionality. Due to the topography of the site these deck step landings enabled us to create a hidden gem in the lower part of the garden. Find tranquility and repose amidst the garden on the bespoke bench, where you can pause from life’s busy pace, unwind, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Privacy and aesthetics were paramount. A rear boundary fence and intergrated retaining walls were constructed, allowing us to decrease the slope as well as blocking out neighbours while enhancing the landscapes visual appeal. No one would ever know that this site has over 4 metres of elevation from the rear of the property to the deck area.

Strategic placement of tall trees to preserved the client’s ocean view while minimising the impact of the neighbours roof was also of paramount importance. Whilst also maintaining varied layers of plant material throughout the garden to provide depth to the landscape. There was a conscious decision by our client and their friendly adjoining neighbour not to return the rear boundary fence up the side of the property.

Instead allow the two gardens to blend into one. Something which we loved to be apart of. To maximise plant health and minimise maintenance an automatic irrigation system was installed throughout the garden.

The pool design and pool fencing layout became a central focus, it was imperative the space look open and inviting without feeling boxed and restricted in with pool fencing. Like all our landscapes which require pools our team expertly design the layout and location, whilst our skilled contractors execute the build to our specifications and quality standard.

Therefore, harmoniously blending all elements within the landscape whilst focusing on functionality and providing a captivating focal point for guests to enjoy during both daylight and night time hours.

Addressing the client’s request for bird-attracting plants, we incorporated native species into the design to provide habitat and food sources for various bird species, promoting environmental sustainability. An aviary strategically placed within the landscape adds a unique and captivating element.

This feature in the landscape was clearly a joint effort with invaluable input from our clients with respect to specific requirements of the birds. Whilst the decision to paint it black helps it to blend in with the landscape giving it a more natural feel.

Like all landscapes this project was not without its hidden little gems. During the site preparation we discovered the entire homes stormwater system outlet was connected to a root infested, broken 90mm pipe that was not connected to anything. After an informative discussion with the neighbour on the low side we concluded that during heavy rain this was the cause of the constant erosion they endured.

Something which they were extremely happy to see the end of. Consequently, after seeking professional, qualified assistance from our licensed plumber we were able to design and intergrate the installation of a new storm water management system.

This residential project clearly shows our continued attention to detail, versatility and ability to work with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

Project Objectives

  • Creation of a multi-functional outdoor space with a focus on flat ground utilisation

  • Integrated design and construction process, with ongoing maintenance for lasting appeal

  • Strategic use of lighting for evening ambiance and feature enhancement

  • Redesign of deck for improved functionality and aesthetics, including hidden garden areas

Project Details

  • Project Location: Sunshine Beach, Queensland
  • Project Cost: $100,000 - $150,000
  • Project Year: 2023

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