Fried Egg Tree

Godonia Axilaris

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Godonia Axilaris - Fried Egg Tree - Noosa Landscaping Services

Fried Egg Tree Description

Gordonia axillaris, or the Fried Egg Plant, is a hardy, quick-growing shrub or small tree with glossy oval leaves.

Striking single, pure white, fragrant flowers with slightly ruffled petals and golden yellow stamens appear in autumn and winter.

It makes a naturally attractive dome shape without the need for pruning.

Fried Egg Tree Maintenance

Plant in a sunny or shaded position in the garden in well drained soil with reliable rainfall or irigation.

Mulch well.

Easily maintained; give it a little clip after flowering to maintain bushiness or shape if needed.

Feed in spring with azalea & camellia food.

Fried Egg Tree Alternative Names

Fried egg tree.