Noosa Waters – The Promontory

Innovative Landscape Design at The Promontory

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Transform your Noosa Waters home with our innovative landscaping services, featuring elegant poolside designs, advanced irrigation, lawns and ambient lighting.

Strategic Design and Expert Consultation

The landscape design for the Promontory at Noosa Waters was carefully tailored to complement the area’s unique geographical features, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

During the consultation phase, we worked closely with the clients to capture their vision and ensure that the final design met and exceeded their expectations.

Durable and Stylish Landscape Construction

The construction phase was meticulously managed to ensure the integration of all elements was seamless and of high quality.

This included the strategic placement of stonework to enhance natural beauty, ensure durability, and create a lush, well-manicured turf that serves as the foundation for the entire landscape.

Creating a Luxurious Poolside Oasis

A vital element of the project was the swimming pool landscaping.

We designed this area to be the heart of the backyard, providing a luxurious and inviting space.

The area around the pool was enhanced with elegant stonework and lush planting, creating a perfect environment for relaxation and entertainment.

Advanced Irrigation Systems for Efficient Water Use

To ensure the sustainability of the lush landscape, we installed a sophisticated irrigation system that optimises water usage.

This system delivers water efficiently to the garden and lawn areas, maintaining their health and vibrancy while conserving water—a crucial consideration in the local climate.

Ambient Landscape Lighting

We implemented strategic landscape lighting throughout the property to extend the usability of the outdoor spaces into the evening.

This highlights the architectural features and plants, enhances security, and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for nighttime gatherings.

Project Objectives

  • Deliver a bespoke landscape design that integrates seamlessly with the natural surroundings of Noosa Waters.

  • Construct durable, stylish features that enhance the property's value and aesthetic appeal.

  • Develop a central, luxurious poolside area that serves as a relaxing and entertainment space.

  • Install an efficient irrigation system to maintain landscape health and sustainability.

  • Incorporate landscape lighting to enhance beauty, functionality, and security.

Project Details

  • Project Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Project Cost: $75,000 - $100,000
  • Project Year: 2017

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