Wine Coloured Bromeliad

Alcantarea Vinicolor

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Alcantarea Vinicolor - Wine Coloured Bromeliad - Noosa Landscaping Services

Wine Coloured Bromeliad Description

Bromeliads are mostly herbaceous perennials, although a few have a more tree-like habit.

Many are more or less succulent or have other adaptations to resist drought.

They may be terrestrial or epiphytic, rarely climbing (e.g. Pitcairnia species).

Wine Coloured Bromeliad Maintenance

Bromeliads prefer warmer climates.

Water bromeliads well and allow the soil to dry before watering again.

Many bromeliads hold water in a leaf cup called a “tank.”

The tank should be kept filled with water at all times.

Wine Coloured Bromeliad Alternative Names

Giant Bromeliad.