Pemba Palm

Dypsis Pembana

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Dypsis Pembana - Pemba Palm - Noosa Landscaping Services

Pemba Palm Description

With its elegant dark green pinnate leaves, the Pemba Palm has a slim, smooth, strongly ringed, “bamboo-like” trunk.

The fronds are large and waxy green and feature an attractive silver cast.

The Pemba Palm also has attractive ornamental fruit that turns a rich bright red when mature.

Pemba Palm Maintenance

Keep the robust palm in full sun or partial shade and make sure the soil stays consistently moist.

Do not let it dry out completely between waterings.

Pemba Palm Alternative Names

Other common names for the Pemba Palm are “Mpapindi” and “Mpopo wa mwitu” from Swahili. This tropical palm’s ideal planting zone is 10A-11.

It will thrive in a variety of light and soil conditions and is very drought tolerant once established.