Kentia Palm

Howea Fosteriana

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Kentia Palm Description

The Kentia Palm has a thin, slender trunk with feather-shaped, drooping fronds.

When young, the trunk is dark green and turns to brown as it gets older.

The Kentia Palm is a large slow growing tree and should be planted in a spacious garden, can also be used indoors in a medium sized pot.

Kentia Palm Maintenance

Water thoroughly whenever the top few centimetres of compost have become dry.

Let any excess drain away.

Water less in winter, keeping the soil just moist.

Kentia palms need humidity, so place on a dish of moist pebbles, or mist the plant a few times a week, especially in hot weather or if the room is warm.

Kentia Palm Alternative Names

Kentia palm, Thatch palm or Court palm.