Hardy Elephant Ear

Alocasia Wentii

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Hardy Elephant Ear Description

The Alocasia Wentii, ‘Hardy Elephant Ears’ has arrowhead-shaped leaves that are large and have a unique colour combination.

The topsides are a deep shade of green while the undersides are coloured a metallic bronzy purple.

Its exceptional foliage makes it a top favourite of several indoor plants owners.

Hardy Elephant Ear Maintenance

In warmer months, keep the soil moist but ensure it doesn’t become waterlogged – reduce watering when it’s cooler or if the plant goes into dormancy.

It’s crucial to get watering right when caring for your Alocasia Wentii, too much water can cause root rot and too little could cause it to wilt, and potentially die.

Hardy Elephant Ear Alternative Names

Elephant Ear.