Gum Palm

Dioon Spinulosum

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Dioon Spinulosum - Gum Palm - Noosa Landscaping Services

Gum Palm Description

One of the tallest cycads in the world, Dioon spinulosum (Giant Dioon) is an elegant, palm-like, evergreen cycad with an open rosette of perfectly arranged, blue-green, pinnate fronds, up to 6 ft. long.

They radiate out from the trunk and arch with grace. Borne atop a short stocky trunk, up to 16 in

Gum Palm Maintenance

Chose a location with plenty of light but not too much strong direct sun.

Bright dappled shade with some direct sun is best.

Blood and bone fertiliser once a year in summer – water well when hot especially those in tubs.

Gum Palm Alternative Names

Gum palm.