Giant Gymea Lily

Doryanthes Excelsa

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Giant Gymea Lily Description

Doryanthes excelsa, commonly known as the gymea lily, is a flowering plant in the family Doryanthaceae that is endemic to coastal areas of New South Wales near Sydney.

It has sword-like leaves more than 1 metre (3 ft) long and it grows a flower spike up to 6 metres (20 ft) high.

Giant Gymea Lily Maintenance

Prefers a deep, well drained soil in sun or shade, and can be grown in large containers.

It is very easy to maintain by simply cutting off the old flower heads and removing any dead or dying foliage in autumn.

The flowers are rich in nectar, often being visited by birds, bees and other insects.

Giant Gymea Lily Alternative Names

Gymea lily.