Dwarf Coconut Palm

Cocos Nucifera Malay Dwarf

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Dwarf Coconut Palm Description

Very popular and hardy clumping palm native to Mexico.

Glossy dark green leaves with long thin leaflets and forms a dense clump.

An almost trunkless palm with a creeping anchoring habit, found naturally in moist forests and well adapted to growing along or in watercourses in limestone soils.

Dwarf Coconut Palm Maintenance

Coconut Palms grow in full sun on any well- drained soils.

Plants respond well to being fertilised.

Malayan Dwarf selections require more fertiliser and may be more susceptible to palm aphids than Jamaican Tall coconut palms.

Propagation is by seed.

Dwarf Coconut Palm Alternative Names

Coconut Palm.