Cascade Palm

Chamaedorea Atrovirens

Sunshine Coast Plant Varieties
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Chamaedorea Atrovirens - Cascade Palm - Noosa Landscaping Services

Cascade Palm Description

Very popular and hardy clumping palm native to Mexico.

Glossy dark green leaves with long thin leaflets and forms a dense clump.

An almost trunkless palm with a creeping anchoring habit, found naturally in moist forests and well adapted to growing along or in watercourses in limestone soils.

Cascade Palm Maintenance

Grow indoors in filtered bright light or outdoors in a partly shaded position in moist well drained soil.

Keep soil moist.

Water regularly in the warmer months, when overnight temperatures are consistently over 8-10 degrees C.

Water less in winter .

Cascade Palm Alternative Names

Cascade Palm.