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Sunshine Coast Landscape Gardening and Design

A Little About Me:

Gardeners are people that love being outside watching and helping plants grow. My family has had the gardening bug for several generations.  My grandparents and their parents grew food because it was the normal thing to do – everybody did it. Allotments and shared gardens where everywhere.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse; leeks in the ground, picking blackcurrants; gooseberries; Dahlias and Chrysanthemums;  digging and manuring the allotment all  bring back so many pleasurable memories of my youth.

Leaving School to work at a Horticultural College in Yorkshire was the catalyst that set me on the gardening pathway. Forty five years later I am still passionate about gardens.

Moving from Melbourne to Queensland in 2015 to live near my daughter (another qualified horticulturalist)  I had decided that semi retirement was on the books.  Teaching fly fishing, another life long passion, was going to be my calling into semi retirement. However the gardening bug just did not want to leave me.

My many years of experience in the landscape gardening business have been wonderful. Probably the most satisfying part of my career has been meeting amazing people and being allowed to bring their garden dreams to reality.

What's my favourite thing about being a Landscaper

After 50 years in the landscape and horticulture trade I still love to see a garden grow. I learn new things everyday, in fact the more I learn about people, plants and myself the more humble and appreciative I become.

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