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Integrating Functional Outdoor Shower

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Create a serene, private oasis in the heart of Sunshine Beach with tailored landscaping that maximises space and enhances lifestyle, with a chic outdoor shower.

Crafting Privacy in a Bustling Setting

At Sunshine Beach Sanctuary, the challenge was to transform a compact courtyard into a private, functional retreat amidst the bustling atmosphere of Sunshine Beach.

Earth Creation Landscapes utilised every square metre, starting with creating a secluded outdoor shower, cleverly integrated into the existing walling to save space and meet the client’s budgetary considerations.

Functional Elegance with an Outdoor Shower

Installing an outdoor shower was not just about adding a feature but about enhancing the homeowners’ lifestyles.

Positioned for privacy and convenience, the shower becomes a refreshing escape, melding seamlessly with the property’s overall aesthetic.

Enhancing the Driveway

Maximising the usability of the driveway was crucial.

Our design incorporated large step landings that facilitate more effortless movement from the driveway to the front entrance and impart a sense of grandeur.

These steps were adorned with large feature pots filled with fragrant Gardenias, adding beauty and a touch of nature’s perfume to the entranceway.

Lush, Tropical Privacy

In response to the need for privacy and a lush tropical feel, our planting palette was carefully chosen to shield the property from the street while embracing the tropical vibe of Sunshine Beach.

The selected plants provide dense foliage and height, creating a natural barrier that also contributes to the tranquillity of the space.

Addressing Environmental and Spatial Challenges

The project’s location in the heart of a busy, noisy area required thoughtful design to mitigate external disturbances.

We ensured that the sanctuary remained serene and beautiful by enhancing the natural buffer and using plants that thrive in Sunshine Beach’s climate.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a private, usable outdoor space.

  • Incorporate an outdoor shower seamlessly into the design.

  • Optimise the driveway space for practical car parking.

  • Create smooth transitions from the driveway to the home’s entrance.

  • Ensure the planting provides privacy and a tropical aesthetic.

Project Details

  • Project Location: Sunshine Beach, Queensland
  • Project Cost: $25,000 - $50,000
  • Project Year: 2020

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