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Design Excellence in Noosa: A Garden for Contemplation and Stars

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Award-winning Noosa garden with star-gazing spaces, reflective ponds, and innovative designs, creating a serene, ocean-view contemplative haven.

Our clients for this project were avid gardeners, they have had beautiful gardens in previous properties but wanted “this garden to be special, a place of contemplation so I can see the stars at night and the reflection from the pond from inside the house”

In house landscape design process from the initial client meeting, fine tuning of the initial design, project management throughout the entire process, construction as per the plan and our garden maintenance division have maintained the property since its completion to ensure the clients vision is enhanced as time goes on.

Our first job was to remove approximately 25m3 of granite rocks from the garden beds. It was clear the natural soil/sand on the property had to be removed consequently, we excavated approximately 300mm in all garden beds. This, along with the designer Corten Steel raised edging allowed for a substantial amount of our special blend of Coir, super soil, fertiliser and Hoop Fines mulch. Maximising plant health and minimising ongoing maintenance for the clients.

In the front garden we focused on maximising usable entertaining space as wel as somewhere to sit and contemplate life. The curved timber and granite seat is orientated to enjoy the entire garden. This includes the custom made fire pit, with optional ethanol burner insert. The random natural sawn bluestone paving to match the stepping stones and reflection pond coping, as well as the deck and tropical planting.

Due to the noise from both Belmore terrace and Seaview terrace, along with the lack of privacy the main goal for the naturestrip planting was to create a beautiful, tropical screen and enhance the existing Pandanus. A small number of plant varieties were chosen and planted in mass for their ability to withstand the gusty sea breezes. The existing rotten edging was replaced with Corten Steel to be consistent with the overall design as well as making lawn mowing/edging easier.

The driveway garden beds were to be consistent with the overall design for the landscape. Al the gardens have lights strategically placed in them, connected to a light sensor and existing home automation.

Every garden bed is connected to an automatic irrigation system and includes Rainbird popups, Naan Dan Jain garden sprays. This is controlled by a Rainbird Bluetooth compatible controller, connected to a rain sensor.

The existing outdoor shower was renovated and given a new look. 

The clients wanted to shower together, have privacy from the neighbours but still wanted to see the ocean. The “snail shell” footprint, clad in Spotted Gum, with random bluestone

paving to match the front garden is not only functional, it works as a garden sculpture.

A number of white feature pots were installed to create interest as well as giving the clients somewhere to plant their herbs and lime tree for those sneaky gins. Gone are the days of ugly, sleeper raised beds for vegetables and herbs. We don’t have the room or the orientation for that. Al pots are creatively connected to the irrigation system on their own station to minimise maintenance.

For the entire job we had no ability to use the nature strip for skip bins, deliveries or park on the road in front of the property. Logistics were difficult and perfect planning was essential.

Our entire team worked tirelessly to ensure the highest level of quality was achieved and as a result of this attention to detail, The Queensland Landscape Association awarded this garden as the winner of the Queensland Residential Landscape of the year as well as the winner of the Best Residential Landscape Feature for the exquisite Outdoor Shower.

Project Objectives

  • Removal of granite rocks and soil preparation for enhanced plant health

  • Front garden transformation focusing on entertainment and contemplation spaces

  • Naturestrip planting for privacy and noise reduction, with tropical screening

  • Advanced irrigation and lighting systems integrated into garden design

  • Renovation of outdoor shower, blending functionality with artistic design

Project Details

  • Project Location: Sunshine Beach, Queensland
  • Project Cost: Above $250,000
  • Project Year: 2021

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