Peregian Beach – Native Coastal Garden

Sustainable, Low-Maintenance Coastal Gardening

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Discover the charm of Peregian Beach with our Native Coastal Garden design, featuring a low-maintenance landscape that enhances privacy & showcases local flora.

Crafting a Welcoming Entrance

At the heart of the Peregian Beach Native Coastal Garden project was the goal to create an inviting, creative entrance that showcases local native flora.

Earth Creation Landscapes achieved this by thoughtfully selecting native plants that thrive in sandy conditions and enhance the property’s curb appeal.

The entrance design is a natural gateway that immediately immerses visitors in the beauty of the coastal ecosystem.

Intelligent Solutions for Space and Privacy

Given the limited space in the front garden, our design needed to incorporate both pedestrian and vehicle access without sacrificing style or function.

Through meticulous planning and client collaboration, we integrated compact, versatile gate designs that are aesthetic and functional.

Raised garden beds were strategically placed to provide instant privacy, creating a sense of seclusion and adding depth to the garden’s layout.

Low Maintenance for a Holiday Home

Understanding that the property serves as a holiday home, it was crucial to ensure that the garden’s maintenance requirements were minimal.

An automatic irrigation system was installed, simplifying care and keeping the garden vibrant with little need for manual intervention.

The selection of hardy native plants further reduces the need for regular maintenance, ensuring the garden remains lush and inviting year-round.

Decking and Tiling to Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

We used a combination of hardwood decking and tiling to create visual interest and enhance the garden’s overall appeal.

This provided durable, attractive surfaces suitable for the coastal environment and helped define different areas within the garden, making each space distinct yet cohesive.

Security Through Intelligent Lighting

To address the client’s need for security, especially when the property is unoccupied, we installed garden lighting that illuminates the property at night.

This feature not only enhances security but also allows the garden’s beauty to be appreciated after sundown, extending the usability of the outdoor space.

Project Objectives

  • Create a creative, appealing entrance using native plants.

  • Ensure privacy and security from the road with intelligent landscaping.

  • Design the garden to require minimal maintenance.

  • Use decking and tiling to create interesting, durable surfaces.

  • Implement garden lighting for security and nighttime enjoyment.

Project Details

  • Project Location: Peregian Beach, Queensland
  • Project Cost: $25,000 - $50,000
  • Project Year: 2018

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