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Maximising Limited Space: A Noosa Courtyard with a Dual Purpose

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A multi-use courtyard transformation prioritising privacy and serenity, with sunset views, yoga space, natural beauty - small space, amazing results and an award winning project.

The client’s request for the space to be multi usage with privacy from the surrounding apartments high on the list was always going to be a test.

Add to this, privacy was to be obtained without any man-made structures, limited space available within the small courtyard area, and restricted access, with all materials in and out of the area via the seemingly never ending stairs and pathway

In house landscape design process from the initial client meeting, fine tuning of the initial design, project management throughout the entire process, construction as per the plan

Understanding the importance of creating a secluded oasis, we strategically incorporated various elements into the landscape design to provide a sense of seclusion and tranquility.

On the western side of the courtyard we were conscience to not block the spectacular sunset views, ensuring all plant material used did not exceed the fence height of approximately 1 meter.

Whilst on the eastern boundary tall, slender plants were chosen effectively shielding the space from prying eyes, providing privacy without compromising space and the available sunlight.

In addition to privacy, the client desired a dedicated space for yoga practice. We carefully integrated a designated yoga area into the landscape, taking into consideration the need for a calm and serene environment.

By selecting appropriate “earthy” materials such as natural random sawn bluestone we have created a secluded nook within the courtyard, the perfect space for yoga enthusiasts to find inner peace and connect with nature.

To cater to the client’s multiple desires for the area for a sunset viewing spot, we purposely refrained from constructing set seating arrangements, especially where space is in such limited supply.

Instead, our team expertly maximized every inch to deliver a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape carefully considering the orientation of the space and the natural elements surrounding it.

We created an inviting space where the client can unwind, a space that feels expansive and enjoy the beauty of the setting sun, and appreciate the natural splendour of their surroundings.

Our team also carefully selected the correct scale of plants, incorporating a harmonious balance between hard and soft landscape aspects and incorporated garden lighting to maximise the duration the area could be appreciated.

Throughout the design and construction process, we maintained open lines of communication with the client, actively involving them in decision-making to ensure their unique desires and needs were met.

Their input was instrumental in shaping the final outcome of the project, resulting in a landscape that is a true reflection of their vision and personal style.

In conclusion, this residential landscape project successfully addresses the client’s key requests while exceeding their expectations.

By prioritising privacy, incorporating a dedicated yoga area and creating a sunset viewing spot, we have created a landscape that is not only visually appealing but also functional and tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Project Objectives

  • Creation of a secluded, multi-use space in a limited courtyard area.

  • Strategic use of plant height and placement for privacy and view preservation.

  • Integration of a serene yoga area with natural, calming materials.

  • Smart landscape planning to maximise space and enjoyment of sunset views.

  • Thoughtful selection of plants and lighting to enhance space utility and ambiance.

Project Details

  • Project Location: Noosa Springs, Queensland
  • Project Cost: $25,000 - $50,000
  • Project Year: 2023

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