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Blending Functionality with Natural Beauty in Peregian Beach

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Transforming a Peregian Beach garden into a leveled, serene space with a long lawn, enhanced decking, and a fire pit area, all amidst tropical beauty.

The client’s brief encompasses various aspects, including leveling the back garden, creating a long lawn area, enhancing the existing deck for entertainment, incorporating a fire pit area in memory of a friend, adding tropical and native plantings, preserving the view of the reserve, retaining the existing pandanus tree, and installing garden lighting.

In house landscape design process from the initial client meeting, fine tuning of the initial design, project management throughout the entire process, construction as per the plan and our garden maintenance division have maintained the property since its completion to ensure the clients vision is enhanced as time goes on.

Our landscape project transformed an existing unusable, sloping backyard into an oasis, a breathtaking space that not only meets the client’s key points but also surpasses their expectations.

With a strong focus on enhancing usability, creating memorable gathering areas, and preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings, we were able to create a stunning outdoor space that not only enhances the functionality of the backyard but also captures the essence of the clients unique desires.

The site presented a sandy and sloping terrain, posing challenges for creating usable play areas. To overcome this obstacle, we took proactive measures by constructing a well-engineered retaining wall.

This successfully transformed the challenging terrain into an extended area for a turf space and garden bed. This retaining wall not only provided structural support and stability but also allowed us to optimize the available space.

The next step was to import 70 cubic meters of soil. This substantial amount of soil allowed us to build up the back sloping garden area, transforming it into a flat and level space.

This strategic elevation ensured a safe and functional area for the client’s children and their four-legged companion to play and explore. Whilst also providing ample space for recreational activities, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

By meticulously grading and compacting the soil, we achieved stability and durability, making the play area resilient to erosion and providing a reliable foundation for outdoor activities.

The existing deck clearly required a fresh, new approach which included extending and reconfiguring the existing deck to optimise its functionality. By carefully considering the proximity to the pool, we created a dedicated space that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

This expanded deck cated to the client’s needs for an entertainment area, including an outdoor kitchen, informal dining area as well as somewhere to lounge around and entertain guests.

One important design feature we also wanted to achieve was to be able to transition from the house/deck to the garden without having to transition through the pool area.

Something which may not seem obvious at first but in our eyes was an important aspect to the design and construction.

During the construction of the garden our client made us aware of his best friends recent death. As a poignant tribute to a departed friend, we thoughtfully redesigned a space within the garden to include a serene fire pit area.

This space was created to evoke a sense of tranquility and reflection, offering a place to gather and cherish memories.

The fire pit will become a focal point, surrounded by seating and complemented by our custom made firepit which has been built to allow seamless transition between natural wood fire and an ethanol burner.

Our landscape design will incorporate a harmonious blend of tropical and native plantings. The tropical elements near the house will introduce vibrant colors, textures, and a sense of serenity, evoking a resort-like atmosphere.

At the same time, native plantings along the property’s periphery will seamlessly integrate with the existing reserve, honouring the local ecosystem and preserving biodiversity whilst also being able to withstand the extreme exposure of the site.

Additionally, we took special care to retain and highlight the unique characteristics of the existing pandanus tree, preserving its role as a remarkable centrepiece.

To extend the enjoyment of the outdoor space beyond daylight hours, our design incorporates sophisticated garden lighting.

Carefully positioned lights accentuate the landscape’s key features, creating an enchanting ambiance and allowing the client to appreciate the garden’s beauty even after sunset.

At night the garden lighting will enhance the panoramic views, showcasing the stunning sunsets that grace the property.

Project Objectives

  • Leveling and transforming a sloping backyard into a functional play area

  • Deck extension and redesign for improved entertainment functionality

  • Creation of a fire pit area as a tranquil tribute and gathering space

  • Integrating a mix of tropical and native plantings, preserving natural views

  • Strategic garden lighting to enhance the outdoor ambiance and night views

Project Details

  • Project Location: Peregian Beach, Queensland
  • Project Cost: Above $250,000
  • Project Year: 2023

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