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A Masterpiece Unveiled: Crafting the Ideal Tropical Retreat

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Crafted a tropical, low-maintenance garden in Castaways with a strategically placed pool for privacy, innovative retaining walls & inviting night-time lighting.

In an ambitious project set in a dynamic landscape, Earth Creation Landscapes undertook the transformation of a property with a series of comprehensive directives from the client.

The core of the project involved installing a new pool in the front yard, designed to minimize pool fencing while ensuring privacy from the street.

Additionally, the project scope included the construction of a new driveway, an accessible path to the front door circumventing the steep driveway, and the installation of garden lighting to enhance the garden’s night-time appeal.

Emphasizing low maintenance and functionality, the clients desired an undercover tiled area, replacement of existing retaining walls, a dedicated bin storage area, and the creation of a lush tropical garden.

The services deployed to achieve these objectives were Design and Consultation, Construction, Irrigation, Garden Lighting, Decking, Pots, Swimming Pool Landscaping, Outdoor Tiling, Fire Pits, Outdoor Shower, and Garden Maintenance.

The project faced significant challenges, primarily due to the slope of the block and the need to work with varying heights relative to the house, neighbouring properties, and the street.

The removal of an existing fibreglass pool to make way for a new concrete one, and the ambition to minimise pool fencing added complexity to the project.

Furthermore, the property’s location on a sand dune posed difficulties in sustaining healthy plant material due to poor soil conditions.

To overcome these challenges, numerous timber retaining walls were constructed to manage the slope and to separate the garden into distinct ‘outdoor rooms’ linked by hard surfacing.

Large step treads were used to follow the existing ground level. The project demanded high organisation levels and clear communication, especially coordinating with the pool builders.

In an innovative move to minimise pool fencing, the pool’s finished level was raised to 1200mm above the ground, eliminating the need for additional fencing while navigating various ground levels.

The result was a multi-faceted outdoor space that met all the client’s directives: a new, strategically placed pool offering privacy, a revamped driveway, accessible and aesthetic pathways, a tropical lush garden, and a well-lit outdoor area for nighttime enjoyment, all designed with minimal maintenance requirements.

Project Objectives

  • Install a minimally fenced, private pool in the front yard with street privacy.

  • Construct a new driveway and accessible pathways avoiding steep inclines.

  • Integrate garden lighting for nighttime ambiance.

  • Create a low-maintenance, tropical lush garden with an undercover tiled area.

  • Replace existing retaining walls and include a bin storage area.

Project Details

  • Project Location: Castaways Beach, Queensland
  • Project Cost: $150,000 - $200,000
  • Project Year: 2023

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